Outfit: Something Old

 (UO Tunic, BDG Shorts, Alex & Ani Bracelets & Gifted Necklace)
I really started investing in cuter and nicer pieces to my wardrobe when I was about fifteen and a sophomore in high school. As I started getting more and more involved in my clothing, I also started getting more and more dissatisfied with pieces that I didn’t think I really liked anymore – so I began bringing them to second hand stores and selling them. This tunic was one piece that I brought and they refused – so I had to keep it until I decided to donate it. Luckily for me, I was super lazy in high school and never actually did that so now – two years later – I rediscovered the piece when I was cleaning out my old room. I won’t lie and say it’s my new favorite shirt, but I’m definitely glad to have found it after these years. Granted, today was laundry day so I wasn’t too creative with an outfit, but I’m excited to find ways to wear it with my newer, trendier pieces.

Have you found any pieces in your wardrobe that you’re now seeing in a new light?

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