Outfit: French Inspired Americana

(French Connection top, Just USA jeans, UO bag, Necklace via Stella Mae, Frye platforms, AA hoops, Alex & Ani Bangles)
After a rainy evening and morning, I decided to take advantage of the rain’s short withdrawal and take some much needed pictures for a “front tie shirt” trend post for work. Before snapping the pictures of adorable tops; however, I decided to quickly document my french-artist-striving-to-make-it-work-in-NYC outfit. Inspired by the bright denim, I chose the top on a whim and loved the combination immediately. Also – to be frank, I am absolutely obsessed with my wood-platform new Frye Carlie Huarache platform sandals and take literally every opportunity to wear them. As platforms, they’re even more comfortable than most of my flats and can wear them for my 6-8 hour shifts at work. Afterwards I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with one of my best friends, get tea, taste a ton of olive oils and vinaigrette (just for fun!) and she approves of a dress that I have decided is necessary for my wardrobe from work. I hope everyone had as fulfilling a rainy Monday as I did and am wondering – How do you relish in those moments between rainstorms?

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