Outfit: Into the Wild

Kersh skirt (via Sweet Lady Jane), UO bag, Lani top, Timberland heels, gun necklace & feather earrings via Stella Mae

Reviewing the forecast for today, I wanted to stay cool but also had an itch to wear one of my (many) translucent tops – so, it being lightweight totally fit the bill paired with this high waisted miniskirt. I am absolutely in love with my Timberland heels which, until I started working at a shoe store, I didn’t know existed! They are the only heels that I have bought already made waterproof and, with a wood heel, they have been incredibly durable. I got the heels, top, earrings, and necklace at work and actually, since I got my hair trimmed last week (and only cried a tad about it!) my feather earrings are actually longer than my hair, but I’m still into the look. After running about doing errands (grocery shopping, vitamin shopping, work blog photo taking) today and yesterday, I am excited to spend tomorrow afternoon at the beach to relax on my final week break from summer classes.


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