Best of – Translucent Tops Fall 2012

We all have (at least) one trend or basic item that we have many of hanging in our closets (or in my 3-girls-1-closet case, dresser). I’ll admit, I’ve started noticing a few items of which I seem to pick similar styles over, and over.. and over again – but none are as numerous as my translucent tops. I never thought about my intense addiction to chiffon (… ok polyester) tops until I was falling in love with a new blouse we got at work, creating a budget in my head to be able to afford it, and my manager simply stated, “Don’t you already have a transparent bird shirt?” The top in question was a (beautifully) puke colored button-up printed in retro birds. I totally bought and love it, but she was right in her observation that I may not have been expanding my wardrobe much with that purchase. ,Now I need to get you as addicted as I am to these gorgeous tops so that I am not the only one with a dresser overflowing with them as we continue to get more adorable styles into work.

The Need-To-Buy List:

1. MINKPINK Freckle Face Shirt $71
2. Vintage Havana Orange Floral Blouse$40
3. BB Dakota Pedro Print Tee  – $62
4. Stylestalker Night Light Sheer Chiffon Blouse  $125

The A Girl Can Dream… List:

1. Madison Marcus Ideal Boho Poncho Top – $258
2. Antipodium Button Down Blouse w/ Shiny Collar$179
3. Clover Canyon Dutch Wallpaper Blouse $260 (Brand carried by Sweet Lady Jane)
4. Jeunesse Francoise Blouse$238
5. Equipment Adrien Blouse$188

While I may never afford the Gorgeous Clover Canyon, asymmetrical top it inspires my less expensive, more-realistic-on-a-college-budget purchases, like the Vintage Havana tie-front floral tank that I wear at least once a week. At the end of the day, we can totally find super cute affordable tops, inspired by those gorgeous designer styles, even though we sacrifice the 100% chiffon tag.


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