Best Of – Chambray Buttondowns

As a buyer of two chambray shirts already this fall (and it’s not yet even fall!), I’m basically a denim top expert (ha!). But seriously, as this classic trend explodes, it becomes impossible to decide between boxy or tailored, embroidered or lacy, and dark-wash or light-wash. Hopefully the fallowing picks will not only help you pick the cutest tops on the market, but also not entirely drain my savings account.

The Need-to-Buy Group –

1. Joe’s Chambray Shirt$118
2. Olivia Moon Roll Sleeve Chambray Shirt $58
3. Free People Blue Velvet Chambray Buttondown$118
4.  Free People Chambray Bandana Inset Buttondown Top$88

The A-Girl-Can-Dream… Group – 

1. Vanessa Bruno Pleated Chambray Shirt$375
2. J Brand Colorblock Chambray Shirt$218
3. Carolina Leather Detailed Chambray Shirt$300
4.  House of Holland Chambray Western Shirt$230

Going into this, I knew I was going to find undeniably cute denim tops at Free People and I couldn’t resist posting two from the brand for they’re super different… and so cute! The Free People tops even rival the buttondowns I will be dreaming about tonight, which I would think is impossible after falling in love with the >$200 crowd. I can definitely say that if I had a less limited shopping budget, I would own all of these chambray tops!

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