Collection: Valentino Fall 2012

Julia Nobis
Josephine Skriver
Marte Mei van Haaster
Sigrid Agren
Marie Piovesan
Franzi Mueller
Vika Falileeva
Daria Strokous 
Laura Mullen
Hedvig Palm
Caroline Brasch Nielsen
Julia Nobis
Katryn Kruger 
Need I say more than leather trench coats? Though I definitely don’t need to, I can: bright jumpsuits, lacy dresses, embroidered bodices, and ultra-feminine cuts. Valentino always impresses, creating some of the best designs of each seasons, but this Fall collection is definitely my favorite this year. It combines mature masculinity with youthful femininity to show-off curves, power, and embrace inner youth. I definitely look forward to finding ways to incorporate maxis into my winter wardrobe – and sparkle! I will mark being successful as the day I can afford a beautiful leather trench.

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