La Tour Eiffel

So today, as a saturday, was very eventful.

We didn’t even naturally wake up until 12:30pm or so, which was absolutely crazy for my roommate Marina and I who usually are awake by 9:30am at the latest, because of jet lag. After we got ready, we were out around 2:45 and went to the Les Hulles basically shopping mall to find some lunch and a Hema – basically a small Parisian version of a Target. Despite getting turned around many times trying to find the Hema (which was on the street not in the mall) we eventually reached it and got almost everything we needed for the apartments – et pour moi essentials such as shampoo, body wash, etc. that I didn’t bring from home.

Afterwords (after walking through an H&M) we went grocery shopping, learning there wasn’t really anywhere super close by to go, but finding somewhere that we were able to find food to at least last a few days until we find somewhere more convenient.

Then we went to the Eiffel Tower…. just saying. First sighting around 10:45, sat down after getting some snacks at about 11:10. We happened to be there long enough to see the Tower sparkle! Of course Parisians would hate it, but we are obviously not channeling the Parisians yet.

After arriving home around 12:45, we proceeded to stay awake until about 4:00 because of the jet lag. Will we ever beat this monster?

Á demain!
xx Taylor


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