Not much has happened to me over yesterday and today, except maybe the copious amount of bread and brie that I’m eating – but I seriously think I’m walking enough that I may still even lose weight despite eating extremely carby-cheesy-yummy french food. And if not, hey – I’m abroad in Paris, if I have one excuse to gain bread weight, it’s that.

So yesterday we went to this crazy flee market (didn’t see any flees!) with some great vintage collections. None of us got much other than these wonderful old old old post cards we found for 1euro apiece – some written on so full you can’t see blank space, some with a few words, and some totally blank. I chose to get some blank ones so that I can write and send them. (in envelopes anyway because they’re so fragile, but still.)


Last night we stopped at a couple bars and I had a couple excellent gin tonics – aka gin and tonics, super original, right? They were good, it was fun, all good.

Today has been a pretty slow day, nothing much to report other than homework getting done, would have loved to shop around but most french shops are closed on Sundays.

au revoir!
xx taylor


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