The Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has been a cherished mineral for health and healing for centuries because it is considered to be the purest salt found on earth. People say the 80+ minerals found in the salt can do many things – including to detoxify the body from heavy metals, lower blood pressure, support libido, and even reduce signs of aging. These minerals make up about 15% of the salt’s composition (with the other 85% being sodium, naturally.)*

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Typical table salt has been stripped of all minerals besides sodium and chloride, chemically cleaned, bleached, and heated at high temperatures, treated with anti-caking agents (which also keep it from dissolving in your body properly), then pumped chemically with iodine. At the same time, pink Himalayan sea salt (or real salt and similar alternatives) are essentially harvested, ground, and sold to the consumer – leaving its natural properties and minerals intact – including sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, strontium, iron, and others.

Specifically, these minerals allow the salt to:

  • Balance electrolytes
  • Increase hydration
  • Regulate water content (inside & outside of cells)
  • Balance pH & reduce acid reflex
  • Prevent muscle cramping
  • Aid in proper metabolism functioning
  • Strengthen bones
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help intestines absorb nutrients
  • Improve circulation
  • Heal arteries
  • & Dissolve/eliminate sediment to remove toxins from the body

Also, a pink Himalayan sea salt bath is great for detoxing the body – but that takes a lot of salt and I’d probably recommend going to a spa to avoid the mess in your bathroom, but it’s up to you! Read more about sea salt baths and other fun ways to detox with the salt here. (I might try the salt sole next!)

So while I wouldn’t toss out your multivitamin for the salt, I would suggest swapping it out for the bleached, processed, and simply not nutritious commercial salt on your table.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

The price tag is definitely greater than your normal salt purchase, but maybe that’ll actually keep you from using too much? 😉 You can find it in most grocery stores in the spice isle, or here if you’re an online shopper. Personally, I’d recommend buying one of the grinders at your normal grocery store, then re-filling it from the bulk section at your local co-op or health food store.

I’m totally into it, but do you think Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and the other commercial salt-alternatives like Real Salt are worth the hype?

*There are disputed claims about how many minerals are in the salt, and what fraction they make up of the salt. These sources gave me the numbers I found:

  1. FitLife.TV: 10 Amazing Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
  2. HimalaSalt: The Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt by HimalaSalt
  3. Natural News: Why Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is so much better for your health than processed table salt
  4. Skinny With Fiber: 8 Surprising Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Thanks & stay tuned!


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