8 Blogs Every Digital Marketer Should Already Be Following

To be competitive, you have to stay current… obvious, right? But what does this actually mean – and how do we do it? Using Snapchat because it’s cool and current doesn’t make you up-to-date on digital marketing platforms or marketing strategy. (Even though the snaps of your dog are super cute!)

Our jobs are constantly changing, and trying out a handful of new social apps is totally a part of staying current – but that’s not it. How about the new contest rules on Facebook, or that company that did that awful (or awesome!) PR move on Twitter? By the words of my father, you want to be the person your bosses come to asking about new technologies/platforms/strategies, and you want to be able to give them an answer. (I have to admit my father is pretty smart sometimes…)

Personally I really need to keep up with these because I feel like the world is constantly changing around me. Like that time I (embarrassingly) put text on Facebook cover images – then got punished by Facebook and realized Facebook cover images were like ads: mostly text-free. These kinds of updates are what I look for in blogs like AllFacebook, but I’m also constantly on the lookout for new platforms, SEO tips, and interesting strategies other businesses have implemented. I trust these blogs to give me the information I need to know.

So these are 8 blogs that, if you’re a digital marketer, you should already be following – and if you’re not, you REALLY need to:

1. Meida BistroAllTwitter AllFacebook | @mediabistro / @alltwitter / @allfacebook
2. Search Engine Land | @sengineland
3. Moz Blog | @Moz
4.Social Media Today | @socialmedia2day
5. Occam’s Razor (by Avinash Kaushik) | @avinash
6. Social Media Examiner | @SMExaminer
7. Convince & Convert | @convince / @jaybaer
8. All marketers should be following the UnPodcast, because it’s great and makes you realize you don’t have to be sleazy to be a marketer. | @unmarketing

Now, when I say follow I don’t mean bookmarking and never looking at again – because I’m totally guilty of that too. Some people find following the blogs on Twitter is enough to keep up, so that is definitely an option. If you choose to do that, I recommend at least making a list and column on Hootsuite or whatever platform you use so these posts are filtered out of your main newsfeed.

Personally, I like to use readers so I can see what I’ve looked at, what I haven’t, etc. For the simpler individual who wants everything in one place, kind of newspaper-style I recommend Feedly. For someone who’s super visual, I really like Pulse.

And now, you should also follow my awesome classmates! All written by senior marketing majors at Champlain College, these blogs focus on a range from marketing to event planning to skiing and lifestyle:

For the Love of Events | @ChrissyDelphia
Jenna Giguere | @JennaGiguere
Ski It Switch | @MikeyGongwer
Kyle Judd | @KyleJudd
Alexander Greenblog | @_AlexGreenberg
Wylie’s World | @WylieMcKenzie
The Monticolombi | @TheMonticolombi
Broad Stroke’s with Jake | @JakeKeohan

Also, our amazing professor: – Elaine Young | @ejyoung67

And finally, just for fun check out 5 of my favorite non-marketing blogs, about food/culture/fashion/basically everything:

1. BLDG 25 Blog | @FreePeople
2. Nicole Loher | @nicoleloher
3. Hipster Food | @hipster_food
4. Bark Post | @BarkPost
5. Thought Catalog | @thoughtcatalog

Thanks for reading! Let me know your fav blogs below or via our favorite social platforms!



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