5 Ways a Digital Marketing Plan is Like Your Vinyasa Yoga Class

Digital Marketing and Yoga

It’s no secret that I’m both a yoga lover & total digital marketing nerd, so I thought there must be some common ground between the topics. Low and behold, the steps of implementing a digital marketing plan totally mimic the stages you go through in a Vinyasa flow yoga class.

The 5 Similarities of DM Plan & Yoga

1. At the start of a yoga practice, you’re stretching and settling into your downward dog – feeling where you’re strong and flexible, and also where you want to work on during class. Before you implement your digital marketing plan, you take a current audit of your digital platforms – where you feel you’re doing well and where you want to improve.

2. Once begin really moving, you start to find your rhythm – how quickly you want to flow through chaturanga today and at what level of stretch your standing forward fold is going to fall. Once you’re starting to implement your digital strategy, you’re getting into a routine of when to post on each platform and what type of content on each platform fuels your audience best.

3. You’ve gotten into a rhythm, stretched out your tight areas, and you’re working up a sweat. Your yoga boat poseheels are reaching closer to the ground and you’re powering through! You’ve gotten into your digital routine, get to the office, check your email, Twitter notifications, and interactions on your Facebook posts yesterday. (Which you’ve probably done 3-5 times since you left last night.) You know your Twitter -> Facebook -> Pinterest -> Twitter -> LinkedIn schedule and you’re starting to notice increased response, interaction, and engagement on your social platforms. Yay!

4. It’s coming to the end of the practice and, unfortunately as always, the instructor brings everyone into Boat pose. It takes all you have not to give up and take a breather right then and there – but you power through because you know the results are worth it. This is when there’s a huge work emergency, maybe it’s a presentation with a client, the holiday season – there’s always something that pulls your attention away from your routine. But, you throw in some extra hours and get through it because you know how important it is to stay present in your online communities.

5. Now you’re finally winding down, getting back to your stretches, feeling the difference from where you started and where you still feel tightness or weakness to improve. You really enjoy Shavasana because you’ve totally deserved it! CONGRATULATIONS! You saw through the first stage of your marketing plan. It’s time to take a hard look at what you’ve accomplished and what you want to do going forward. Enjoy this moment and appreciate everything you’ve done!

To be fair, a yoga class is like a lot of things in life when you really think about it, which is probably why they’re so beneficial to you! But what do you think, does this make sense or am I totally crazy?


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