SEO Is Simpler Than You Think

SEO is Easier than you Think

When you say “search engine optimization,” chances are those around you either have no idea what you’re talking about, or they want the ‘key’ to having good SEO. As a digital marketer, going into a world of SEM and SEO, it works in my favor that people still really don’t understand what it is. (But no, I can’t add a code in the website to get you on the first page!) Really though, “good SEO” is accomplished by having a descriptive, relevant website and a comprehensive digital strategy.

SEO for Beginners

Now, I suppose it might be a little more difficult than I make it sound – but not by much! In my opinion, the most difficult aspect of SEO is having a great website. The main things you should consider when designing or updating your site, are to:

  1. Provide information your audience needs.What Makes Up SEO
  2. Link to important info in your site within your site, and to relevant information off of it.
  3. Keep information up-to-date, updating frequently. A blog is an awesome way to do this.
  4. Get other sites to link to you – this gets people from their site to yours, and makes your website look more important to search engines. (Because it is! No trickery here.)
  5. Avoid links that bring people to broken pages.

I’m not a website developer, but barring design elements these points are a few of the underlying keys to creating good SEO. If you’re going to do one thing, it should be writing content that is relevant to your audience – and this is where keywords and coding tags come in to play. Sure, some of this involves basic tech knowledge, but platforms like WordPress and Hubspot make establishing & improving SEO easier than ever.

As far as digital strategy goes,

  1. You should already be driving traffic to your site & blog posts from social media. (I’d be worried if you weren’t!)
  2. You should even be inadvertently utilizing keywords by simply talking about your product/service and industry. (But a little keyword research definitely doesn’t hurt.)

So, quite simply, you need someone who understands tech to make your SEO totally shine, but there is no magic trick to getting on the first page, other than consistently being relevant and doing what you do well – online.

And that’s how search engines want it.


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