Tweetchats Are Awesome.

Tweetchats Are Awesome

Tweetchats are like conferences combined with reading the awesome abridged versions of marketing books every week. You get to talk to some of the most innovative minds in the business (and slightly less intimidating peers) about incredibly relevant and interesting topics, learning how others have found success & failure. It’s almost like getting the answers to the test before you sit down – but unlike cheating, it’s totally legitimate!

Tweetchats connect you with individuals you can follow and learn from, making you better at your job, and helping you to stay current with the ever-evolving world of digital marketing – or whatever topic to which you’re so inclined. These connections can come in really useful later on, too, making networking even easier and more valuable.

7 Great Marketing Tweetchats

So obviously I love tweetchats… so here are some of my total favorites:

  • #MediaChat
    • Thursdays @ 10PM EST
    • Social media, communications, PR
  • #SMChat
    • Wednesdays @ 1PM EST
    • Social media, digital marketing, PR
  • #CMGRChat
    • Wednesdays @ 2PM EST
    • Community management, social media
  • #JVMChat
    • Monthly, last Tuesday of the month @1PM EST
    • Digital marketing, social media
  • #PinChat
    • Wednesdays @9PM
    • Pinterest, digital marketing, technology
  • #InternPro
    • Mondays @9PM
    • Job search, networking, internships

I also keep meaning to check out #WorkWellnessWed Wednesdays @1PM EST about nutrition, health & exercise.

I totally want to know what you’re participating in too – what are your favorite tweetchats?


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