The 5 Worst Social Media No-No’s

Social Media Mistakes

With business adoption of social media networks ranging from 59% (Instagram) to 99% (Facebook), the question isn’t ‘is using social media for my business important?’ It’s ‘how do I do it best?’ 

Now I can’t answer that in a blog post, (hire me!) but I’ve seen a lot in the past 3.5 years as a digital marketing major, from writing digital marketing plans for local businesses in marketing classes, to developing and implementing content calendars and digital strategy in internships. I believe that if you avoid the following social media mistakes I see every day, I can promise you’ll be a step ahead, and maybe even cut through the other noise of the internet.

  1. Linking profiles – each post should specifically be crafted for each platform, nothing is a bigger pet peeve for me than seeing an Instagram linked to a Facebook linked to a Twitter.
  2. Inactive profiles – just delete them if you don’t plan to use them, or if, for example, your Twitter only republishes Facebook content.
  3. Trying to be everywhere – a leading cause of inactive profile-itis is creating profiles for the sake of having them, with no real plan. Promise me, it’s better to just not have it at all.
  4. Spewing info and just being a brand – avoid talking about your product or service 24/7. I’m sure it’s great, but I argue the main point of social media is to be social, and connect with your audience. Use your profiles to create dialogue and make people think of your brand personality – hell, make a few friends!
  5. Sticking too strictly to a content calendar – having a plan is great, but it’s obvious when brands have just scheduled all of their blog posts and social updates a month in advance. Planning and scheduling a bit is great, but stay current and, again, use social media to build connections, not just spew content.

By avoiding these, you’ll be one more step ahead on the path to social media mastery.

What are total loser moves or awesome wins you see from brands?


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