Creating My Professional Digital Identity

As a marketing major, it’s kind of impossible to hide my social media from future employers, and as such it simply makes more sense to make them into something spectacular, rather than something to disguise. This entire semester I’ve had the opportunity to work on building my personal/professional digital identity across platforms in order to both connect with voices in the industry, and to make my voice sound.

First, I really thought about who I was and who/what influences me online on a day-to-day basis, then also what kind of voice I wanted to have across mediums.

Digital Influence

From here, I looked at my social networks and decided which I wanted to use personally, and which I wanted to use professionally.This lead to essentially making the bulk of my posts on Facebook private, and cleaning up content I was sharing across other platforms. I wanted my blog to be the focal point, where I created marketing and professional content. I then shared it and other information across Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Infographic: Digital Identity

Klout (1)

I really viewed creating and building my professional digital identity as a success. I achieved more than I thought I could, and in the end it totally paid off, helping me to secure an amazing job in my field!


As for my professional values statement, you can find it in full here, but I really focused it around how the traditional consumer decision-making process is changing in the digital age, and while it’s a great way to connect with customers, it’s also important to remain respectful of their data and information.

The end! I’m very proud of the work I’ve accomplished this semester, that really is an accumulation & reflection of my past 3.5 years in college.


The Most Important Skills I’ve Learned in College

Skills I Learned in College

I’ll be honest: I’ve been a total overachiever in college. I do extra credit when I have a 97% (just in case), Skype in when I have to miss class, am graduating a semester early for the heck of it, and have a cumulative 3.989/4.0. (Yes, I know it off hand… out to the third decimal & the A- that brought it down from a 4.0 kills me every day!) Do any of these practices or achievements matter in the real world? I like to think so, but likely not enough to be worth the amount of effort they required throughout the last three and a half years of attending school, working, RA-ing, interning, and juggling five million tasks at a time. Seriously, it’s no wonder I need yoga and meditation in my life.

That all being said, after talking to a lot of amazingly successful individuals inside and outside of my field, I’ve recognized that the most critical skills I’m taking away from college aren’t my GPA, or the immediate Google Analytics or social media experience I’ve gained. What I’m taking from my college experience are a lot broader, and (despite my digital focus) have probably been valuable college lessons for at least the last century: Continue reading

8 Essential Lessons for Perpetual Interns

8 lessons for interns

Let’s face it, you’re addicted to interning. Ever since that first internship class you can’t have enough – hell you’ve had more internships than jobs at this point. And that’s great! But you want to make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of, which is super easy in this age of, “oh have the intern do it.” Even if you’re only looking into your first or second internship, there’s a lot of things you should think about before, during, and after your experience. Continue reading