5 Ways a Digital Marketing Plan is Like Your Vinyasa Yoga Class

Digital Marketing and Yoga

It’s no secret that I’m both a yoga lover & total digital marketing nerd, so I thought there must be some common ground between the topics. Low and behold, the steps of implementing a digital marketing plan totally mimic the stages you go through in a Vinyasa flow yoga class.

The 5 Similarities of DM Plan & Yoga

1. At the start of a yoga practice, you’re stretching and settling into your downward dog – feeling where you’re strong and flexible, and also where you want to work on during class. Before you implement your digital marketing plan, you take a current audit of your digital platforms – where you feel you’re doing well and where you want to improve. Continue reading


The Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has been a cherished mineral for health and healing for centuries because it is considered to be the purest salt found on earth. People say the 80+ minerals found in the salt can do many things – including to detoxify the body from heavy metals, lower blood pressure, support libido, and even reduce signs of aging. These minerals make up about 15% of the salt’s composition (with the other 85% being sodium, naturally.)*

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Typical table salt has been stripped of all minerals besides sodium and chloride, chemically cleaned, bleached, and heated at high temperatures, treated with anti-caking agents (which also keep it from dissolving in your body properly), then pumped chemically with iodine. At the same time, pink Himalayan sea salt (or real salt and similar alternatives) are essentially harvested, ground, and sold to the consumer – leaving its natural properties and minerals intact – including sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, strontium, iron, and others. Continue reading

College Health & Wellness: Tweetchat #CHWchat Tuesdays @9PM!

Did you know students that exercise at least 20 minutes a day around 7 days a week have a GPA of .4 greater than students who don’t? We’ve known for a long time that exercise helps various aspects of our lives, but making someone more intelligent? (& More desirable post-grad?) These findings may be due to some or all of the following surprising exercise benefits:

  1. Exercise Stimulates Brain Cell Development
  2. Exercise Improves Memory Retention
  3. Exercise Increases Focus & Concentration
  4. Exercise Boosts Mood
  5. Exercise Relieves Stress

Despite these results, less than half of college students meet exercise recommendations. Continue reading

Vegan Lentil, Spinach, and Wild Rice Soup

It’s in the sub-zeros here in Burlington, so when I came across this lentil soup recipe from Cara over at Hipsterfood, I had to make it – with a couple substitutions. It turned out being my first meal of the new year, so let’s hope the rest follow in its healthy and affordable footsteps!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Keep in mind, because this is a soup you can really alter all of this according to your preferences – I sure did!

– 1 cup dry wild rice/brown rice blend
– 1 cup dry lentils (2 cups cooked)
– 1 Bouillon cube or vegetable stock (we used the bouillon cubes with herbs)
– A handful or 2 of spinach (or kale or any other kind of dark leafy green)
– 2-3 tablespoons thyme
– 1 tablespoon oregano
– 1-2 teaspoons minced fresh garlic (feel free to leave out if you’re not a garlic fan)
– 3-4 tablespoons fresh chives
– Half a yellow onion, minced
(original recipe called for green onion, didn’t have any so used chives and onion as a substitute! we will try with a large handful of minced green onion and less chives and yellow onion next time, but this was great too.)

Continue reading